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Trailer Rental Terms

When renting Diverse Trailers, there are a few things you need to know. Not only do we want to ensure a good service, but we put our customers first.

Please take note of the below:

Hire Terms

  • We require an R200.00 – R400.00 deposit which is refundable (deposit is based on the size of the trailer and distance)
  • The customer’s contract has a full set of terms and conditions and the customer is required to check and sign for the trailer before renting it
  • The customer is responsible for any damage to the trailer and /or fines that are received whilst in possession of the trailer
  • All items that were supplied with the trailer, will be returned with the trailer or the deposit will be kept and extra charges to replace said items will be charged to the renter.

Additional Equipment Rental

We rent out additional equipment (winch, tie-down straps) which will be charged extra with seperate deposit

What you need to provide when renting a trailer

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • A Deposit as specified. This deposit is fully refundable when the trailer is returned

We accept payment via EFT, Card or CASH, but unfortunately, we do NOT accept cheques.

All our trailers have got roadside assistance to ensure our customers don’t get stuck next to the road unnecessary.

All our trailers are insured. R5000 insurance excess is applicable and payable by the hirer in the events of an accident and a valid insurance claim can be lodged. If not the renter will be responsible for the full replacement value and also any loss of income while waiting upon a replacement.

Rest assured that when you are renting Diverse Trailers that our trailers are maintained to a high standard, with special attention given to the working parts like axles, wheel bearings, brakes and coupling devices.

All our trailers also undergo frequent body and frame maintenance to ensure that they don’t only look good but can do the work safely.

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